Saint Michael the Archangel 2 Years have passed

St. Michael the Archangel

Thinking of you my day is brightened

Though my emotions extremely heightened

Your story of life and the ups and downs

As they listen I see their heart pounds

Your love and happiness still heals us today

Like the tranquility felt while boating on the bay

Your life has just begun, much work for you to do

You’re our guiding light we look up to you

Leighton tells us when you are around

Vivid dreams she even hears sound

Saint Michael you are the angel of death

Carrying the souls of the deceased at their last breath

To the heavens above they pass through the archway

We ask for your prayers on This Holy Saturday

Christopher M Brennan, MD

Videos by Michael K Brennan, MD

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  • Carol Brennan
    2 years ago · Reply

    Definitely our own personal ArchAngel

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