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Michael was a Man of many talents. He was smart, hardworking and intelligent. He was able to teach himself anything and everything. He played the piano very well without any formal training. He played by Ear. Michael was also the type of individual that could take apart entire car or boat engine and rebuild it to new. He had done many things like this each summer with our boats and we greatly appreciated his hard work and discipline. Many of his video tutorial can be found online at

He was a skier, surfer and played lacrosse in elementary school, middle school, high school where he earned All County honors and then at the Collegiate Level.

Michael attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he was a major in Management Information Systems and Business. He was also a member of the gamma epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Michael excelled in everything and anything he did. He was able to do much of what he did faster, easier and with less stress than me!

I have learned from him, he had followed me. I still ask myself what Michel would do.

Sites Michael had worked on:

Michael was into Vintage & Antique Items. Check out his site. and here you will find many things he has picked.

Michael loved the water, Fire Island, boating and the beach. Check out his other site he started

Additionally, was one of his original ideas.

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